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Pastor Ricky Brown

Sep 27, 2016

Jojo Martin shares about his life as an artist and his bout with kidney disease. He also gives great insight into music ministry and how he overcame his greatest struggle in his walk with Christ.#HOWSYOURWALK #ShareTheShow #JojoMartin #Patreon

Sep 27, 2016

NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is protesting in a way that many don't approve, which is the norm for a protest. What's the history of the National Anthem? Can you see the perspective of someone different than you? These questions and more are answered in Ep. 12 as Brian Dye gives insight on racial harmony within...

Sep 12, 2016

Matthew 24:4-12 In a world where it's becoming less and less easy to be a Christian, it's important that we guard our hearts and love with the love of Christ, despite what we may have to endure. Here's how. #HOWSYOURWALK

Sep 5, 2016

Author Trillia Newbell discusses her book titled United and gives practical insight on how we can pursue unity in diversity as believers. #HOWSYOURWALK